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Deadly Weapon Fragrance Oil


3 sur 5 Etoiles3 sur 5 Etoiles

This scent is definitely everything the description says. I can smell all of the "parts" in there but it just doesn't do it for me. I can definitely understand why many others love this though. It is a soft scent which is nice. Not sharp or bright like Aqua de Gio or something. It is complex only to a certain point in that every time I smell it I smell something a little different. I think that's why I don't like it. It seems flat. Like your brain knows it's simply a bunch of stuff together rather than becoming more than the sum of it's parts as a good blend should. I will not be purchasing it again but if it sounds interesting to you, I would recommend first getting a small sample before jumping in with both feet. All that said, I do find it conjures images of a seductive, sexy, forbidden bad boy type when you smell all the parts at once. I'm just finding that more often than not I just smell one or two of those parts making it a turn off. Powder or patchouli or vanilla is often what I smell.
Date d'Ajout : 19/01/2016 par Bonnie