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Our current processing time for in stock items is approximately one week.

Our current processing time for in stock items is approximately one week.

Citric Acid

Date Added: 06/14/2019 by Charline
This worked great in my bath bombs. I am glad I bought it.

Date Added: 02/29/2016 by Jessy
This product is great. It is very affordable and package nicely. I use it for my bath bombs. Its fin...

Date Added: 01/31/2016 by Alain
Wonderful product at a great price. I use use almost everywhere in the house instead of vinegar. Mor...

Date Added: 01/02/2016 by Natasha
Great quality, price and packaging - can't ask for more than that!

Date Added: 03/07/2015 by Brenda
Great packaging. Easy to use pour. I should always order more. I seem to use up quickly. Works great...

Date Added: 03/02/2015 by Sheena
Perfect for using in bath bombs. Way better than the coarse citric acid I got off of another website...

Date Added: 02/24/2015 by Sandy
As always best price I can find anywhere for this high quality product

Date Added: 02/23/2015 by Brenda
This product works grew for me. I use it for ba h bombs. It comes in a very sturdy container. It doe...

Date Added: 02/15/2015 by Catherine
So far I've used this product to make homemade cleaning products... it's so much cheaper and safer t...

Date Added: 02/10/2015 by Laurie
Perfect- using this for bath bombs and toilet fizzies

Date Added: 01/29/2015 by Stephanie
Very good price! Wonderful consistency and amazingly packaged to fit perfect on my shelves.

Date Added: 01/28/2015 by Deborah
great in my bath bombs and truffles, love the jar packaging, it is so much easier than trying to get...

Date Added: 01/26/2015 by Sarah-Anne
Just made some bath bombs with this. Worked very well. The packaging is also very handy (mine came i...

Date Added: 11/07/2014 by Kathie
I love the citric acid from saffire blue. Itakes great fizz for bath bombd

Date Added: 10/17/2014 by Ashley
Cheapest I have been able to find it anywhere. It is a great buy for the amount

Date Added: 09/17/2014 by andrea
great price and fast shipping needed it fast andcame within two buiness days

Date Added: 08/31/2014 by Krystal
Perfect for bath fizzies and other formulaes. Goes great in my face scrub!

Date Added: 08/31/2014 by Kathie
I found this citric acid to work great in our bath bombs. Really fizzy

Date Added: 08/24/2014 by Kathie
I found this citric acid to be very fizzy in my bath bombs and a great price

Date Added: 07/27/2014 by Sandra
Does a wonderful job for bath bombs and is packaged very well.

Date Added: 07/12/2014 by Gail
Great price, nice product. Even with the shipping it was half of the price I could find locally.

Date Added: 06/25/2014 by James
My bath bombs are perfect all the time! Great consistency! Very pleased with this product and pricin...

Date Added: 05/27/2014 by Sarah
Great Price, Great Product. works well in bath bombs and not many clumps

Date Added: 05/15/2014 by Virginia
I like the price of this product. I use it to make bath bombs since they are so expensive to buy fro...

Date Added: 05/14/2014 by Jessica
I was not able to find this around my home town and found this here! So much for so cheap!! When it ...

Date Added: 05/12/2014 by Frances
Buying Citric Acid locally is impossible. Not only is this a terrific price, but a Wonderful product...

Date Added: 04/28/2014 by Sandra
Using with my daughter to make bath bombs. Great pricing for product.

Date Added: 04/15/2014 by Lisa
Great product! It made my bath bombs fizz like crazy! Great price too!

Date Added: 03/20/2014 by Katherine
Good product of great quality! Also a easy company to do business with!

Date Added: 03/17/2014 by Caroline
This is perfect for my bomb bath at a fair price!!!

Date Added: 03/05/2014 by Jennifer
By far the best price for Citric Acid online in Ontario! Always fast delivery!

Date Added: 03/04/2014 by Darlene
wow can't beat the price good quality. will order again

Date Added: 02/17/2014 by Donna
Works great in my bath bombs, will continue to buy this product and the price is GREAT too!

Date Added: 02/14/2014 by Caroline
This is now my main place to buy this product.Will do a lots of bomb bath!!

Date Added: 02/09/2014 by Amanda
I needed Citric Acid to add to my home made dishwasher detergent. I loved how economical this websit...

Date Added: 01/27/2014 by Michelle
I just can't get enough of this stuff to make bath bombs. Great price!!

Date Added: 01/08/2014 by Stephanie
Best price I've seen for a must have product! Great packaging too!

Date Added: 12/18/2013 by Michelle
Great product & price. This is a must for making bath bombs.

Date Added: 12/10/2013 by Heather
perfect It came in smaller bags and is exactly what we could not find anywhere else Thanks again Hea...

Date Added: 10/27/2013 by julie
best price in town!!!well pack and come with great service.

Date Added: 10/08/2013 by tammy
very happy with this product and the price is the best i have found definitely will be shopping at S...

Date Added: 10/08/2013 by Kathryn
I, again, cannot believe the price. Using this for my bath bombs. Love the value and quality!

Date Added: 09/06/2013 by Robin
You have the best price on this hands down... it's fresh and un-clumped as is the baking soda... G...

Date Added: 08/09/2013 by Stephanie
I am in Ottawa. It's is the cheapest price ever! Even with shipping its worth it if you get even a c...

Date Added: 07/26/2013 by Amanda
This product is a amazing perfect for our bath bombs and a great price. So glad we found Saffire Blu...

Date Added: 07/26/2013 by Tina
Looking to create the ultimate bath bomb/fizzy? I've created thousands of bath bombs and nothing qui...

Date Added: 06/11/2013 by Jocelyne
Very happy with the product + the cheapest price around!!!

Date Added: 03/25/2013 by Emma
This adds lots of fizz to bath bombs! Works great!

Date Added: 01/21/2013 by Kristen
It's great - just what I was looking for and it got here fast! Thanks!

Date Added: 01/14/2013 by Glenda
Great product for my bath bombs and love the re-sealable packaging!