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Argan Oil - Virgin, Deodorized (Organic)


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This is the only type of Argan Oil worth purchasing if you want the best results for your skin and your hair. It would also add a premium quality to any soaps, due to it's gentle, moisturizing and healing effects. I use it as my carrier oil for my skin. All of the problems I had with my skin disappeared within 8 weeks of using this Argan Oil, which is cold pressed, deodorized and best of all, organic. The calluses on my feet disappeared, the dry, itchy patches on my skin were gone and have remained soft and supple. I sell my mixture to some people who appreciate what this oil does for the skin and the hair. They are overjoyed with their results as well. I also put an ounce or two in a good, scent free lotion such as Lubriderm to get a lotion that is better than anything I have ever purchased in high end department stores. It is also better (and cheaper) than using expensive serums for the face. Combining this oil with a basic scent free lotion will give you a healing, moisturizing effect which will spread easily all over. By itself, soaks into the skin leaving a lovely, healthy looking dewy glow. This particular Argan Oil has helped clear up my eczema, psoriasis and the calluses on my feet which is necessary as I have type II diabetes. It has done the same for my friends. In the short term it may seem like a big purchase, however in the long run it has saved me more than $1,200.00 in an 18 month period. Only a tiny bit is needed to achieve the maximum effect. In my opinion, as a discerning consumer of the best moisturizers for 25 years and as a makeup artist this Argan Oil is THE way to using the very best, most healing moisturizer without having to break the bank.
Date d'Ajout : 18/07/2014 par Deborah