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Strawberry Milkshake Fragrance Oil

Date d'Ajout : 12/08/2015 par Nzingha
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
This is by far the BEST fragrance I have smelled in my life! I cannot believe that it is being disco...

Date d'Ajout : 03/03/2015 par Charlene
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
Hands down this is my favorite SB scent and my best seller! Please never discontinue this one!

Date d'Ajout : 02/03/2015 par Sheena
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
Lovely in bath bombs. I prefer this over the strawberry pop, which I find to smell more artificial.

Date d'Ajout : 06/11/2013 par Meghan
4 sur 5 Etoiles4 sur 5 Etoiles
Love the scent, but have had a heck of a time with CP tracing too fast and "curdling" on me, even at...

Date d'Ajout : 20/07/2013 par Charlene
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
I LOVE this scent! However, i think it smells more like a berry frozen yogurt, and that's how I'm go...

Date d'Ajout : 27/03/2013 par Guylaine
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
Can't stop to smell my soap since I used that fragrance. It's really like a hot strawberry pie filli...

Date d'Ajout : 25/03/2013 par Emma
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
This fragrance is super yummy! Definitely a must have for dessert lovers!