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Red Clay *

Date d'Ajout : 07/12/2016 par rose
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
Great product. Lovely soft, rose color. Great in my Facial Scrubs!

Date d'Ajout : 30/01/2015 par Ange
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
Great for adding color and slip to cp soap. Packaging is fantastic: easy grip, easy to store, no mes...

Date d'Ajout : 12/12/2014 par Amber
3 sur 5 Etoiles3 sur 5 Etoiles
It doesn't provide the amount of colour I expected in cp soap, but sufficiently rosey for my secret ...

Date d'Ajout : 18/08/2014 par Lise
3 sur 5 Etoiles3 sur 5 Etoiles
This clay is more a dark pink than a red,more a darker version of french pink clay. I haven't had a ...

Date d'Ajout : 25/06/2014 par James
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
Love this clay in CP soap! It really give some value to a good soap recipe as it leaves your skin so...

Date d'Ajout : 16/06/2014 par Marlene
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
Blends beautifully in cold process soaps! I love this as an additive to my bars as it blends complet...

Date d'Ajout : 31/01/2014 par Amelie
3 sur 5 Etoiles3 sur 5 Etoiles
The Red Clay was great and it came red like on this picture but be aware that when it is mixed in wi...

Date d'Ajout : 10/09/2013 par Mary
5 sur 5 Etoiles5 sur 5 Etoiles
This makes a wonderful and softening addition to soaps. The colour is a mild light reddish tone.

Date d'Ajout : 04/09/2012 par James
4 sur 5 Etoiles4 sur 5 Etoiles
This is the first time I'd used a clay in my CP soap. The colour is beautiful and the scent is very ...