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Our current processing time for in stock items is approximately one week.

Rhassoul (Moroccan Lava) Clay *

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Mirconized Rhassoul clay is a traditional beauty treatment from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and has been used there for over 1400 years as a soap, shampoo and skin conditioner. Rhassoul clay is different from other clays due to its unique composition, it is extremely absorbent, making it excellent for cleansing. The mineral properties of Rhassoul clay have been extensively studied, and are found to contain a high percentage of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium. It is used as an exfoliating agent in soap, and in facial masks and body products.

Rhassoul is the exceptional clay with multipurpose assets. It has been used for over twelve centuries in North Africa, South Europe and the Middle East. The Rhassoul clay has several uses such as:

Rhassoul of domestic origin: Mixed as it is with warm water for face, body and hair care;

  • Cosmetics: As a component for shampoo, soap, shower gel;
  • Dermatology: As a component for face creams, anti-acne care;
  • Spa: Bath, face packs, exfoliation;
  • Pharmaceutical: Basic ingredient for gastric acidity medication



Rhassoul clay's most impressive properties in skin improvement are its capacity of absorption due to its high level of ions exchange. Clinical studies have been conducted by two different research laboratories in the United States (International Research Services, Inc., to evaluate Rhassoul clay mask on skin conditions. The study results showed that single use of Rhassoul clay mask statistically:

  • Reduces dryness (79%)
  • Reduces flakiness (41%)
  • Improves skin clarity (68%)
  • Improves skin elasticity/firmness (24%)
  • Improves skin texture (106%)
  • Removes surface oil and oil from inside and around comedons
  • Removes dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin
  • In addition to the oil removal characteristics, Rhassoul clay mask certainly has the ability to smooth and improve dry skin.

INCI:  Moroccan Lava Clay